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AutoreChocolate: introducing the first Croccantino E-shop!

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San Marco dei Cavoti is the birthplace of each delicious chocolate covered Croccantino crunchy bar. Until today AutoreChocolate has been sold in many cities, events and restaurants, yet we are in many countries outside of Italy. But still you may find hard shopping one of the elegant box of our chocolate treats.

Finally we got online with a brand new E-Commerce!

Let’s get one thing clear: Autore is growing fast but everything is still #TrulyMadeinItaly, “I’ve lived for many years abroad and I usually spend part of my time travelling around, but when I firstly started up AutoreChocolate, five years ago, I decided to hire local people from San Marco dei Cavoti, the same people have been already making Croccantino by their hands for years” says Antonio. He’s sipping an espresso, chatting on Whatsapp and in the same time answering to one of his employees, Maria-Dora.

Croccantino in melted dark chocolate

Yes, we do craft each Croccantino by hands. Don’t believe it? Come and visit us!

Later Maria-Dora told me: “Working with Antonio is impossible! You just get interrupted every now and then for a call, a text or someone showing up in the office. I should actually says that many times that person who interrupts Antonio is me!” added Maria-Dora smiling.

It took me months to create this Ecommerce. Personally I love working for this company. I’m also from Southern Italy and I can say that, here you can feel what a real family business smells like. I’m not saying things are easy, they actually aren’t. But you definitely end up loving what you do. Here is where they re-write the Italian tradition. When you see everyone working at AutoreChocolate business, when the warehouse fills up, the delivery van coming and suddenly picking up a fresh load of Croccantino, Minuto, Pralines and Chocolate Beer… that time you understand the hard work and the passion that everyone puts in his or her work. Starting from today that load might carry your sweet parcel directed to your home.

You are now able to order and have Croccantino crunchy bars on your door within 2 days*! Isn’t it fantastic? We are very excited to start our Ecommerce adventure and we hope you’ll like our homemade Estore! So please go and check it at we are waiting for your feedback!

* Three days to ship to Sicily or Sardinia, Europe and US. Each ship is track and at the higher standard (the same as the chocolate!).

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