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Il negozio di alimentari di alta qualità DEAN & DELUCA

We are in Japan!

Great ideas often have mythical stories – that is certainly true for Dean & DeLuca.

AutoreChocolate is available in Japan at Dean & Deluca, the famous gourmet shop. If you don’t how its success started read on.

This is the story of two young new yorkers. In the 70s they decided to open a food store in SoHo,  the iconic artist and warehouse district in lower Manhattan in NYC. The shop became suddenly popular and very trendy among food lovers and artists, it offered high quality products and delicatessens that nobody saw before in NYC.


“We were the first to bring in radicchio, the first to sell balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes and dried mushrooms. In those early days I went out of my way to establish extra virgin olive oil … everyone who came into the store got a taste.” – Giorgio DeLuca, one of the two founders.


Today Dean & Deluca is considered, not just a chain of upscale grocery store, but a place for one of the world’s best epicurean treats for cooking, eating and entertaining. It has shops all around the world and, guess what? Their japan shop started selling AutoreChocolate, offering Croccantino, Minuto, Pralines and all the chocolate products we conceive and make in San Marco dei Cavoti.


For us there couldn’t be better recognition than being selected among such a high quality foods!

Anyone travelling to Tokyo? Well, don’t forget to send us a picture if you end up at Dean & DeLuca!


Minuto chocolate coffee break

Minuto: the optimal treat for every coffee liker

Is espresso coffee a one-gulp operation? Not necessarily, but the “Minuto” will make it a longer lasting treat.

We brought the new Minuto Croccantino to make espresso coffee longer and more pleasurable. Our new format is the best match for those want a fine chocolate treat without involving in 3 or more bite bars.


How long should my espresso coffee last?

If you travelled in Italy you know that here coffee is a different experience. We stay at the counter for a very few minutes, swallow our hot espresso and out of the “bar” (coffee place) before 5 minutes have even expired. Why is that? Isn’t it the country where slow food were invented? Where most of the life is about eating, cooking and talking about food?

Well, there is a reason for that.

Espresso shots go ‘bad’ in mere seconds. It has to be drank until is very hot. As a matter of fact we store the small cups on top of the coffee machine in order to keep them super hot. Sometimes the small cups are very thick to save the high temperature for longer time. The espresso is short, hot and its life is great but ephemeral. So the it is the life of the espresso break.


Life is short break shouldn’t be.

After about 30’’ the break is finished. Minuto is a one bite croccantino chocolate minibar to have when you feel like chocolate or sweet and you don’t want to involve in an entire bar.


Small is beautiful

We are living in a time of downshifting. Going by bike it is considered cool, having a small pretty house is cute, buying less food is sustainable. We are into this behaviour. We thought that making a one bite chocolate from our croccantino would have been a good idea. The preorder told us that we were not so right. That was an awesome idea! We are receiving so many orders!

Maybe it depends on other factors like the new filling: pistachios from Bronte, a small town in the heart of Sicily became famouse just for their pistachios.

Antonio and Giovanni are ready to welcome you in Tourin!

Antonio and Giovanni are ready to welcome you in Tourin!

For the public

We are presenting the “Minuto” at the SlowFood event in Torino: Salone del Gusto. Pavilion: 3 – Booth: 3A 102, 23rd – 27th Oct.

RSVP by our Facebook page if you can. You won’t regreat 😉



Wood oven for Naples style pizza

Italy’s first pizza museum celebrates grand opening: in Naples, of course!

300 certified pizzaioli (pizza makers) will take it in turns on the oven to cook a pizza after you finish your visit to the Museo Internazionale della Pizza “MIP” (International Museum of Pizza and Bread).


A slice of popular culture is opening to the public today… in the center of Naples.

Pizza in Naples is not just a food, it’s also considered an art form. You know if you have been to Naples at least once: Continue reading